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Are you renting a house in the Hamptons this summer or looking for summer rentals?  
Tote Taxi offers luggage and mini moves from NYC, New York City suburbs, and surrounding areas (Connecticut, New Jersey) to summer rentals and homes in the Hamptons.
Whether you are renting a house this summer or enjoying your own home in Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor, Montauk, or beyond – we’d love to help you transport baby gear, golf clubs, clothing, pet items, small furniture, exercise equipment, watersport gear, sports items, and more.
Yes, we deliver to summer houses in the Hamptons! We also customize deliveries upon request.
Are you a snowbird looking to move items from NYC or the Hamptons to South Florida? 
A mini move is perfect for snowbirds who are looking to move items from NYC or the Hamptons to Southern Florida.
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What is a Mini Move?

What: A mini-move is a luxurious and worry-free solution for transporting a larger amount of luggage and other small items in a carefree way — to and from your destination in NYC, the Hamptons, and South Florida.

Who it’s for: Travelers who need more than just a few items of luggage transported, might benefit from a Mini Move – particularly those who are planning extended stays. Additionally, if you aren’t sure how many items you have just yet – booking a Mini Move can be a safe bet!

Where it’s offered: We currently offer our Mini Move Services between NYC, the Hamptons, and South Florida.

Types of Mini Moves:  

We suggest move types based on the number of individuals in a family along with pieces that need to be moved.

Mini Move – Standard: This is our most popular standard Mini Move. It’s ideal for a family of 5- with 15-30 pieces.
Petite Move: For smaller amounts of luggage, this move is ideal for a family of 3- with 8-15 pieces.
Mini Move – Full: Need to move a lot? This move is ideal for a family of 6 plus – with 50-60 pieces.

*mini move packages do not include Peloton

Examples of items transported via these types of moves: golf clubs, baby gear, seasonal luggage, kids toys, accessories, pet items, small appliances, bedding, small tech gadgets, bikes, boxes, cribs, garment bags, wardrobe boxes, and more.