Tote Taxi’s Mini Storage Service

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Tote Taxi offers a variety of temperature-controlled valet storage options for every type of traveler. Learn more about our daily, weekend, and year-round storage options in the Hamptons. 



If you are making several trips to and from the Hamptons this summer and don’t want to carry items with you (or don’t have a place to store them):  explore our luxury temperature-controlled storage options. This service is perfect for individuals or families who only use certain items or gear when they are out in the Hamptons from NYC. Or, are you preparing for a move? Remodeling? Trying to declutter? Let us help with certain items!

Examples of some of the items kept in Tote Taxi storage: Extra baby gear, bikes, life jackets, beach chairs, kids beach supplies, umbrellas, gear for water sports, boxes, summer clothing, small furniture, and more.

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Whether you are honoring a check-out time, don’t have a lot of space, or simply don’t wish to carry certain objects around with you all weekend, store them with us for the day or a short stay!  We’ll store items including your luggage or golf clubs for the day or weekend.

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