We’ve shared a list of some of our most popular services below. Please note we also offer custom deliveries and additional offerings upon request.

Please contact us for more information and find our FAQ here. 


What: Our luxurious door-to-door delivery service picks up the items for you and delivers them to your destination. Our standard Deliveries are a hands-free scheduled way to tote your items to and from the NYC, Hamptons, South Florida, and select airports. 

This is an à la carte service with a $275 delivery minimum when traveling from NYC to Hamptons. 

Who it’s for: Those who want their luggage and personal belongings carefully delivered for a short or long term stay. A hassle-free and light way to travel. This is a great option for weekenders or Blade Fliers with heavy, but smaller quintiles of luggage or golf clubs. 

Where it’s offered:

  • NYC & Surrounding Airports (LGA, EWR, JFK)
  • Hamptons & Surrounding Airports (FOK, HTO, MPT)
  • Other Airports: TEB, HPN
  • South Florida

*There might be an added surcharge for certain zip codes and locations. We offer custom delivery options upon request and approval.

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What: Our priority courier service allows us to bring you exactly what you need – when and where you need it. This is a popular expedited delivery option for those traveling to and from the Hamptons, NYC and Tri-State Area.

This service is $350 and best for expedited delivery.  

Who it’s for: When you need something delivered immediately (and don’t have time to schedule it) – our courier service is perfect for you. 

Did you leave something at home between the Hamptons and NYC? Let us get it to you! We’ve couriered important documents from the office, picked up dresses and suits from our clients’ favorite stores, and much more. 

Where it’s offered: Hamptons, NYC and Tri-State Areas

How to Book: Courier Deliveries are best scheduled by phone as they are based on location and availability. Call us at 631-595-5100


What: A mini-move is a luxurious and worry-free solution for transporting a larger amount of luggage and other small items in a carefree way — to and from your destination in NYC, the Hamptons, and South Florida.

Who it’s for: Travelers who need more than just a few items of luggage transported, might benefit from a Mini Move – particularly those who are planning extended stays. Additionally, if you aren’t sure how many items you have just yet – booking a Mini Move can be a safe bet! 

Where it’s offered: We currently offer our Mini Move Services between NYC, the Hamptons, and South Florida. 

Types of Mini Moves:  

We suggest move types based on the number of individuals in a family along with pieces that need to be moved.

  • Mini Move – Standard: This is our most popular standard Mini Move. It’s ideal for a family of 5- with 15-30 pieces.
  • Petite Move: For smaller amounts of luggage, this move is ideal for a family of 3- with 8-15 pieces.
  • Mini Move – Full: Need to move a lot? This move is ideal for a family of 6 plus – with 50-60 pieces.

*mini move packages do not include Peloton

Examples of items transported via these types of moves: golf clubs, baby gear, seasonal luggage, kids toys, accessories, pet items, small appliances, bedding, small tech gadgets, bikes, boxes, cribs, garment bags, wardrobe boxes, and more. 

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What: Don’t want to cart your summer favorites back and forth with you? Let us store them for you. Explore our luxury temperature-controlled storage options in the Hamptons.

Who it’s for: This service is perfect for individuals or families who only use certain items or gear when they are out in the Hamptons from NYC.  It’s also great for those who are moving, remodeling, or attempting to declutter a home. 

Where it’s offered:This service is only available in the Hamptons.

Examples of items kept in summer storage: Extra baby gear, bikes, life jackets, beach chairs, kids beach supplies, umbrellas, gear for water sports, boxes, summer clothing, small furniture, and more. 

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What: Is there something you don’t want to carry around with you or store all weekend? Whether it’s storing your luggage for the day while you enjoy an afternoon at the beach or keeping your golf clubs safe until your departure – let us carry it for you! We will keep your items in a safe temperature-controlled space. 

Who it’s for: This is ideal for individuals who need to honor a check out time, but still want to enjoy an extra day in the Hamptons and/or don’t want to worry about carrying other items around with them all weekend. 

Where it’s offered: This service is only offered in the Hamptons.

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What: Not sure about what to pack? Don’t have time to pack? We offer a variety of packing and organizing services through our trusted partners below.