A selection of Tote Taxi featured press.

“I was living in the city and then heading out to the Hamptons every weekend, and I was schlepping all my luggage all the time and I was like, ‘This sucks! Why isn’t there a service that can take my luggage from Manhattan to the Hamptons?’ There wasn’t, and so then I created it.”

Hamptons Magazine

“We’ve all been there: You’re packing for the Hamptons and cannot possibly fit all the clothes, shoes and bathing suits that are necessary to properly enjoy your summer vacay. That’s exactly why Danielle Candela founded Tote Taxi, the luxury courier service that delivers bags, golf clubs, Pelotons and more straight from NYC to the Hamptons (or vice versa).”

Gotham Magazine

““I’m very happy and excited that the judges selected my business, Tote Taxi, as the winner of the first Hamptons RipTide: $ink or $wim event. I’m very grateful for Ashley, the Founder of i-hamptons, for putting the event together and giving locals an opportunity to share their businesses,” shared Candela. The $15,000 first-prize will go towards additional features for the app and a down-payment on a truck.”

“While the busy season in the Hamptons spans a very limited three months, Candela told Curbed that Tote Taxi will continue to operate in the off-season by focusing on weddings. Though there isn’t an official partnership yet, Tote Taxi has been working and in communication with Gurney’s to focus on weddings, bachelorette parties, and other weekend-long events in the Hamptons.”


“But now you can cast your worries (and baggage) aside, because there’s a new service in town. Local entrepreneur, Danielle Candela, has created the solution to solve every weekender’s first class, first world problems. Her company, Tote Taxi, will transport your bags, golf clubs, bicycle, designer duffles, and more all across the island. Plus, the service has teamed up with BLADE to offer door-to-door pickup, and eliminate the issue of weight restrictions on your flight.”

Guest of a Guest

The airport business dried up, so this Hamptons taxi started moving whole households: “Instead of people asking us to pick up one or two suitcases, it was more like 20,” says the owner of Hamptons-based Tote Taxi.


“Aside from the precious Picasso, Candela once collected a unicorn pool float from a doorman building on the Upper East Side. (Bizarrely, it was already inflated.) Then there was the family who packed up its essentials for a monthlong rental, including strollers, toys and clothes, and asked her to handle the mini-move. When fashion blogger Arielle Charnas of Something Navy was shooting out in Montauk, Tote Taxi delivered all the posh products needed by the influencer and her models.”

New York Post

“On this particular day, Candela gets some additional exercise thanks to a Peloton – though not in the way you might expect. The home exercise bike has been a hot commodity during lockdown in the Hamptons; clients have tasked Tote Taxi with moving it from their rental home to their city apartment, or back again.”

Business Insider

“Things we look forward to with the arrival of Hamptons season: poolside lounging, leisurely brunches at the nearest sidewalk café, sipping rosé while watching the sunset over the ocean. Something we don’t look forward to? Figuring out how to get the entirety of our summer wardrobe (we need options, OK?) to the East End without losing our mind…or throwing out our back.”


“Local entrepreneur Danielle Candela, who grew up in East Quogue and now lives in the village of Southampton, was tired of ‘making the schlep’ from New York to the Hamptons every weekend with heavy luggage. So she posed the question, ‘Why can’t someone carry my bags for me?’ Then, she created the answer. Her company, Tote Taxi, will transport your bags, golf clubs, bicycle and more from New York to Montauk, leaving you free to catch the next LIRR or coach to the East End.”

Dan’s Papers

“Tote Taxi – luxury courier service – gains foothold in Palm Beach.”

Palm Beach Daily

“It really came from the personal need of the service. I was commuting to the Hamptons from Manhattan every weekend. I was always schlepping my suitcases and I just thought, “Why isn’t there a service that could bring my items out to the Hamptons?” There wasn’t one, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to create it.”

James Lane Post 

“You’ve got to be able to wear many hats. Most businesses don’t start with the funds to hire a team to handle social media, logistics, accounting, etc. Even if you can afford it early on, as the owner of the business, it’s up to you to make the final call — whether you have a strong background in that field or not.”


Tote Taxi is a luxury delivery service offering courier services, same day delivery, day and summer storage, mini moves, and more for NYC and the Hamptons, South Florida, airports, BLADE, and more.

We have a $250 minimum for the Hamptons/NYC route. 

Custom trips and offerings are available upon request and confirmation via this survey.